Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today is Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday. The news people stayed away today, although we were told that Thursday might be a bit tough in that regard. Visitation this evening. Three hours felt like a lifetime, but we got through it.

Seeing her in the casket was not as terrible as I thought, and she was surrounded by her stuffed animals at the beginning of the evening, supplemented by tiny toys and thoughts from her friends by the end. She looked beautiful, even if she wasn't in that body anymore.

I didn't cry tonight. Oddly, I didn't even want to. My job was to comfort all the hundreds of people who came through, and that job, in itself, gave me comfort. There were quite a few of her classmates who came through, most of them wondering what happened to her. We were lucky enough to have a cardiologist friend explain her death to us in a way that makes sense to tell a fourth grader. We will plant a tree at the school in the spring, to help them have a place to go to talk with her. It was good to have that to tell them. I think it helped, in a small way.

Services are all planned for Thursday; everything is arranged. All that is left is tomorrow's marathon. Gosh, tonight we had more than 200 people in 3 hours. Tomorrow night will be twice that. I'm going to need a conveyor belt.

I talked with Kes tonight after everyone left. I told her she'd be touched by all the people who were here tonight. Her friends were very brave and her family focused on her incredibly bright spirit. A dear friend told me the other night that firecrackers can't burn forever, and he's right. But the bang Kiersten is leaving behind will last a long time I think.

It is late. Tomorrow will be a tough day. Time for sleep.


bhd said...

My dear Beth,

Remember: comfortable shoes, blah blah blah.

Wish I could stand in for you, for this. I'm practiced, for both my parents. It's a bit of a nightmare for us, but for those paying respects, as you well know, it's so important.

Bless you for comforting K's friends and admirers. Please know I'll be here to comfort you after. For a long time after.

winter said...


OTD (Gary) said...

Beth, I haven't commented earlier because I just haven't had words to tell you how sorry we are. I think of our four grandchildren and how Linda and I would react if we had lost one of them. I would hope that we would be able to exhibit the grace and understanding that you have shown. Kiersten was such a little gem of a person, and I always enjoyed the K stories you told. May you and Steve find healing in her memories.

Hugs and blessings from both of us.

Anonymous said...

May the love of your family and friends surround you with light.

God bless you.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

you are finding strength...that is encouraging. your in our thoughts, dear.

Sue said...

i will be there spirit and in my heart. I have blogged for you this week, every post I had you in my mind..and it was in away about life and a good life... Thanks for that.

Justine's HouseWreck said...

We can't stop thinking of you, Steve and DaisyMae. Thank you for your strength. Your uniqueness, your love, your light and your peace are a tribute to your dear Bug and your family.

Anonymous said...

it's misty..the service was beautiful and i hope you know in the last moments of her life at the skating rink as we faught for her life together that little girl changed and your family and kiersten will forever hold a very special place in my heart and may god be with you in the up coming days.Much love to all of you