Monday, December 22, 2008

Confidential to the Only Other Person I Know Who Can Fully Appreciate (or not) What A Diabolical SOB Ralph Vaughn Williams Really Was.

Yeah, you were all clever and disabled Comments on your post, so you force me to write here instead.

Your post, and that picture, made me smile more than I have words to express -- in many ways and for many reasons.

I wish you many, many more Happy Birthdays together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rumors of my demise...

Hey, I'm not dead. (Ha! I am reminded that every time my daughter falls down or otherwise makes a loud calamitous noise where I cannot see her, she immediately yells "I'm Okay!". The child has a future in comedy, for certain.)

No; it's just the end of a grant cycle, the end of my fiscal year, and the end of the semester, all at once. And I had two weeks of business travel. And I hear there's a holiday coming up.

I have stuff to write about. Good stuff. Important stuff. And someday soon, I will write it all.

Today is not that day, however.

Lovin's to all three of you.