Friday, December 04, 2009

Today is Friday

Yesterday, we sent our beautiful little girl off for her next adventure. We were surrounded by friends and family, and held aloft by their love, for her and for us.

It was strange; the night before, I got a text message. It was being propagated through the schools, asking people to dress in pink for Kiersten yesterday. It was fitting for her, and I was touched.

It also made me realize that the service we had planned for Kiersten really didn't reflect who she was. I made a decision to try to fix that. I found a passage from Cats that she loved, and read that as a reflection. I think she would have liked it.

We were also pleased and honored to have many friends from across the country come to honor Kes. Gosh, it was a lot of driving for all of them. I was so grateful for their love and support. I wish it had been for a better reason and that we had had more time to talk.

Several friends and family members came back to the house, and drank and shared fun stories. It was a huge comfort.

I'm tired now. The exhaustion is setting in. But today is H's birthday and we need to try to restore some normalcy to her life.

Today is Friday. And after that, we'll decide what comes after that.

Enjoy the ride, little Bug. You were the greatest blessing any parent could ask for.


Alison said...

Like I said elsewhere, it was absolutely an honor to attend Kes's funeral. I loved the poem that H read, as well as the T.S. Eliot poem that you read, and how you said Kes would not want us all to cry.

And then "Lord of the Dance." Perfect.

Love you, Bean.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to H.

Hang on, Beth, hangonhangonhangon.

Anonymous said...

Beth, you have a lovely family. Thank you for letting us meet all of them.

Justine's HouseWreck said...

It's been a horrible week, a wonderful week, but just know we're here for the duration...

bhd said...

Thanks for reaching out to us, for us, Beth.

Anonymous said...

One breath at a time...that's all you need to do...{{{hugs}}}