Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tales from the back seat of my car...

One of our new experiences with having two children now is back seat conversations. The Bug has always been one to sing and chatter while she was in the car, but now we have a new dynamic as Bug and Daisy share space behind my head.

Daisy: Bug, why are you sitting on my cheese again???
Bug: Why is your cheese under my butt again??


Daisy: Starbucks! Mom, can we stop at Starbuck's for coffee?
Bug (not looking up from her book): Starbucks is full of greedy capitalist pigs...why don't you top it off with a trip to Wal-Mart?
Daisy: What? Good gravy, Bug, can't you speak English for a change??
Bug (still not looking up from her book): Keep yellin', there, Miss Anti-Fair-Trade.
Daisy: Arrrrgh! You're not a nine-year-old! You're an alien!


Bug: Mom, can you make me an Arwen costume for Halloween?
Daisy: Mom, can you make me a queen costume, so I can make Bug one of my peasants?
Bug: Don't make me Earth-bend you. Again.


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Lisse said...

Ha! I hope for the days when our backseat banter is so amusing.

With 7 & 8 year old boys who struggle to act their ages, I am stuck in bathroom humor hell for the forseeable future.