Friday, September 05, 2008

Wow. Who'da Thought.

I just realized that I'm a 43-year-old hockey mom who is quick with a snide comment and experienced at selling big-ticket items on EBay.

I can administer a $45 million budget and I know how to build consensus among adults who act like children.

If I can just get my kid knocked up and learn to field-dress a moose, I will be qualified to run for Vice President!

God Bless America.


Ms. Creek said...

OMG! You have my husband and I a very good laugh this Sunday Morning! Thank you! husband said he WOULD vote for YOU for President in a flash! I'm thinking he is right!

puggimer said...

Beanie for VEEP! I'm all for it. You could run on the Bifurcated Uvula ticket!

Ms. Creek said...

you can put lipstick on a pig...lmao