Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In which I quit being politic-y for a bit.

So as much fun as I’m having with the Sarah Palin Name Generator today (thanks BHD!), I’m returning to our regularly scheduled programming, which is to say that I’m back to kvetching about my life. I’m sure you all are thrilled.

My bug is turning 8 tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Bug! We had a party for her Saturday, with all her little friends. It was a spa party. They had pedicures and facials, and we made bath fizzies and bath oils and soaps. It was epic. Now I want to have one for ME! :-)

We had the remnants of Hurricane Ike come rolling through here the other night. It was pretty intense. I really, really love big, dangerous storms. I don't know why. S and K were huddled in the hallway; I was out on the porch, watching it blow. Ripped out the neighbor's tree while I watched. It was cool.

Other than that, I am writing five grants, all due between October 15th and October 31st, and I am getting a cold. Meh. For serious...I'm giving really, really serious thought to seeing if I can make a living doing a combination of writing, teaching and making soaps and bath fizzies. Because right now, my need for sleep and contemplation are out-weighing my need to save the world. Screw the world. I need a nap.


Today’s vexing question, courtesy of my collection of email subject lines: Are you crepuscular?

Turns out I am. Who knew?

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Mike Carter said...

But how does being crepuscular interact with your bifurcated uvula?