Monday, February 25, 2008

Laser Surgery: Day 5 post-op

Still can't see doodly. This kinda sucks. The whole world looks like those word verification thingies that you have to fill in when you comment on Ali's blog.

The doctor swears it'll be better tomorrow. I hope so. Because it took, like, ten minutes to type this.


bhd said...

Oy! To tomorrow, brave soul.

Anonymous said...

I will have you know that the current smooshed-together word verification on your blog, lady, is dolbcivu. So, nyah!

But seriously, I hope tomorrow will be better for you.

(PS: I forgot to actually type the word thingy into the box, so I got a new one: garyneej. Doesn't that just sound like your geeky chem lab partner?)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Bless your heart.. Feel better..see better soon...Bunches of hugs..

Mike Carter said...

Does it matter what I say here, since you can't read it anyway? :-)

Heres to feeling, seeing and being better soon!

Mkae said...

Cheer up! When all is said and done you'll be able to see through brick walls and light candles from a mile away!

Excuse me. What? That's wrong?

Oh, nevermind.

Beanie said...


Don't make me break out the golden lasso. Again.