Friday, February 29, 2008


That was how my vision tested this morning. I'm fairly amazed, really. They told me not to expect better than about 20/40 the first week with improvements over the course of a month.

So I'm pretty psyched. All in all, even with the bit of discomfort and the inconvenience last week, it's been totally worth it.

In other news, we have a primary on Tuesday. I was joking with a girlfriend from Illinois last night that Ohio is the New Hampshire of the Great Lakes: Everyone pretty much ignores us most of the time, unless there's a presidential election going on then then Whooo doggie! We're the belle of the ball! The big debate was down the street at the University (where hubby goes to school, but did he get me tickets? Noooo.) Caroline Kennedy was at the YMCA in my little berg last night, stumping for Obama. I knew this only because the convenience store over by the freeway had a ginormous "Welcome, Caroline Kennedy!" sign out front on my way home last night. I guess she needed a slurpie while she was on the campaign trail. Hubby is the lead Precinct judge for election day, so he's pretty psyched.

I'm still undecided. I know it's un-cool not to be a fervent Obama supporter right now, and by golly, he's awfully charming and engaging in a Jack Kennedy sort of way. But I'm still wondering if I should abandon the opportunity to elect a very capable and experienced WOMAN to the White House, just because she's part of the Old Guard and a bit of a shrew. There will be more listening and soul searching over the next several days, here in the Land of Bean.

Final thought: We've had 18 inches of snow at my house over the last week, with another 4 inches forecast for today. Enough, already!

Be well, gentle readers.


Mermaid Melanie said...

I don't know about Hillary or Obama. Why are there so few choices out there? Do you think all the really qualified people are thinking, FFS, why would I waste my time being in the White House? Thats what I think.

I pray to god that Hillary wont be our first Woman president. I was kind of hoping that Oprah would be. She has enough money and she has a lot of power.

anyway. I am a dreamer and a non-political being. Give me a heads up when your decision is made. I trust your instincts.

have a snuggly warm weekend. xo

Mississippi Songbird said...

I don't know why I should bother to vote.It looks like Obama will be crowned the Prez before we even get to vote a primary in my state..
Oh well.
I'm glad your vision is getting better.. Bunches of hugs!

rebecca said...

you have had more snow than buffalo! ok, we've had quite a few snowfalls this winter, but nothing more than 4 -5 inches each time. they keep telling us we're going to have 18+ inches each time they get a whif of a snow warning...but no. i hope that keeps happening.

vote mccain! ;) i am!

Beanie said...


I actually voted for McCain in 2000. Unfortunately, two things have happened since then.

1) He's had to move to the Right to appease the wingnuts who have been opposing him until now.

2) While he's more centrist on the war than a lot of the folks in the current administration, he's still more hawkish than I'm really comfortable with.

Mel, I sometimes wondr, too. Although the whole "leader of the free world" thing can be a draw, I understand. ;)

winter said...

Out here we basically get ignored all the time. It's funny: no one wants to live in the desert, so almost no-one does. So there's not enough votes here to be worth much courting.

Have fun with it! Zmtmoet!

Mike Carter said...

I find it interesting that this late in the game we still have some voice here in Ohio (me being down in Dayton, where it is supposed to hit 60 today before we get snow tuesday night - what the hell? Don't you love spring in Ohio?).

I figure I'll probably pop for Obama - the whole 'experience as co-president' when she was first lady really turns me off - since she was never elected co-president. And would that mean Bill would then be co-president in her administration.

What makes me sad is the candidates I liked the most are all gone already anyway - I was leaning toward Guilliani (even as a registered Democrat).

Beanie said...


You're right, of course: while we're always a big focus in the general, we're not used to having much of a say in the primary. Not so this year!!

It's supposed to hit 60 degrees today here, too. Those 18 inches of snow are melting at a prodigious rate, for certain. So we can have massive flooding before the temperature drops and it snows again. Woohoo!