Monday, November 05, 2007

The weekend

So we have no good resolution on last week's dilemma. Lots of people pointing fingers at others, claiming that "I am innocent, but he/she/it is a user and a lying sack of sh*t". I think they all are. But there are three or four family members petitioning to take those kids, and one of them will get them, and all I can hope is that they're close enough that I can help keep an eye on them. Yeah; they're other people's kids. But they're still young enough to have a fighting chance to have a good life and I'd hate like hell to see them lost.

This backdrop serves, as always, to remind me how completely blessed I am in this life.

Saturday morning, S and K and I went to the West Side Market. It's one of those places that makes you glad to live in this city (even though I live waaaaay out in the suburbs): wonderful ethnic foods, beautiful, mixed-up humanity, and a falafel sammich for breakfast. Life is good! Afterwards, we finally got a chance to head over to the glass-blowing place next door when it was actually OPEN. K loved seeing one of the students blow a vase while we were there. S and I are thinking about taking a few classes, just for fun.

Saturday night, I got together with about a dozen girlfriends to have snackies and drink wine and pot bulbs to force-bloom for Christmas. My friend S. dubbed it a bulb-forcing party. My hubby re-christened it our "Fall Pot Party". I think the name will stick. :)

Sunday, I got to spend a day just with my girl. We helped the neighbor mark sugar maples for next spring, worked in the garden together, played on the swings and baked a Texas Sheet Cake, just because. It was a great day.

In fact, it was a great weekend and I feel much refreshed for it.


bhd said...

Good for you! It's always useful to get back into your own life to regain the feelings of balance and comfort that you need in order to carry on.

Mississippi Songbird said...

so glad you're feeling better..Bunches of hugs....

Mermaid Melanie said...

What a nice way to refresh yourself after some hectic news!

hope you are still smiling from your weekend.

winter said...

Sounds like an excellent weekend!