Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Ha! Someone who shall remain nameless just pointed out to me that I begin nearly all my paragraphs with the word "So".


I thought about going back and changing my earlier posts, but then decided against it. Instead, I'm looking ahead and seeing how long I can go without starting a sentence with the forbidden "S" word.

I'm counting on my small but loyal cadre of readers to call me on it if I fail. If I start a sentence with "So" and you're first to spot it, I'll send you a prize from Beanie's Secret Cache of Wonders.

Oh, and don't you just wonder what's in there? I know I do!

Wow, and just so you know; I really *do* have better things to do than this -- but I'm obviously not doing them.


Mermaid Melanie said...

I do that ALL the time. So is in everything I write.

Now I have to start paying attention. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I do it a lot, too.

So, you know, I might not be the best person to keep an eye on you.

bhd said...

Just tell Phin to shove it.

Beanie said...

Ali and Mel: It totally sucks. I have made a complete habit of it. But I'm hoping this will make me a better writer.

BHD: Oh, sweetheart, that's how I start the work day!

Mississippi Songbird said...

What does it matter?? Really??
You know? You Know?
I used to say you know alot..lol

Bunches of hugs...

ptooey said...


Yah, I do that too.

winter said...

I do it, too.