Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Best Day Ever? Um...No, not really.

So the plan today was to take the Bug and her little friend to one of ther local water parks, where my company was holding its annual employee picnic this year. This is normally a pretty big deal and a good time, so I was sort of looking forward to it.

K's friend spent the night last night so we could get an early start. Unfrotunately, the girls didn't sleep like we hoped they would, so we all got up a lot later than we'd planned. But still, even with a late start, the day promised to be a great time.

Sandwiches, snacks, sunscreen, extra towels, changes of clothes, drinks....Looked like we all were ready for a day of fun. The girls were playing tag in the front yard and I called them over to get in the car. As K was running across the lawn toward the car she tripped and fell, throwing her arms out in front to catch herself. She just had too strong a head of steam and she really came down hard.

Two hours later, the emergency room doctor informed us she had broken her left radius, just above wrist.

I'm so discouraged for her. She really had made a lot of progress in her swimming this year (her game plan was to spend every waking minute down at the pool this year) and she was signed up for softball later in the summer. All that is off the table now.

Poor little thing. Summer casts are a bummer.


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ptooey said...

Awwww.....poor kiddo. :(

Unknown said...

Oh man! That is such a shame...