Friday, June 15, 2007

Why it's occasionally a good thing to listen to commercial radio

So I just got back from several days in Toronto, which was fine, for all that I saw nothing but the insides of a 'European Style' hotel (read: the rooms are très petites) and a sterile convention center. But that's OK. I needed to be brainless for a few days.

I made the decision to drive up and back, a five-hour trip each way. Really, though, by the time I dealt with a flight, with international check-in and customs and whatnot each way, I probably only burned a hour in each direction by driving. And the cost was about 20% of the flight. So it was all good.

And I got to listen to one of my favorite commercial radio stations: 91.7 fm out of Niagara. Which I can pick up in Pennsylvania and listen to all the way to Toronto.

Hey, I'm not saying I'd make a steady diet of it or anything, but it's good to know what's out there occasionally.

Anyway, I got to hear music that I don't normally hear, including two songs that just cracked me up.

The first was Before He Cheats, by Carrie Underwood. Which was released in the US, but was wildly popular in Canadia.

Check out this snippet

right now, she's probably up singing
some white-trash version of Shania karaoke.
right now, she's probably saying "I'm drunk"
and he's thinking that he's gonna lucky,
right now, he's probably dabbing on
3 dollars worth of that bathroom polo.
and he don't know...

That I dug my key into the side
of his pretty little suped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seat...
I took a Louisville Slugger to both head lights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...
maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

followed closely behind by Amanda Marshall, a Canadian artist

I was dancing with Jake
When I last saw my keys
That was my first mistake
'Cause what happened to me?

(oh..)I look down at my arm, baby
And something's lookin' back at me
And I cannot believe it

Oh my god!
I woke up with a snake tattoo
Oh my god!
And I think that my tongue's pierced too
Oh my god! Oh my god!
It's the Sunday morning after, and baby who the hell are you?(Ahh....woohoo!)

So my thought is that the Canadians A) Have a better sense of humor than Americans and B) Hold dear women who aren't afraid to grab a little gusto.

I like that.

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