Monday, April 26, 2010


Yeah, so I can't wait to get my garden in. In the last two weeks, my tomatoes have gotten tomato-like

The cucumbers are positively bursting at the seams to get outside

And the peppers are...well, the peppers have sprouted. You can't put them outside until the soil warms up anyway...

Mr. Bean, a/k/a "King of the Roto-Tiller" has prepared the garden bed

And we've recruited 120,000 busy little assistants.

Can't wait to play in the dirt. I think the lettuce and spinach, and the bean seeds, will go in this weekend. :)


bhd said...

A habit to you, but a lovely testament to life, to nourishment of body and soul, and a brave march into your future. I love you Beth.


Justine's HouseWreck said...

For my dear bee keeping friends...


Elegant_Phoenix said...

How completely exciting! My mom has a green thumb, but unfortunately the talent has skipped a generation. I shall live the dream through you. I remember my grandfather's garden: the smell of tomato vines brings memories flooding back.

Lisse said...

Oooh. I'm jealous!

I can't seem to do most veggies from seed, particularly tomatoes.

I wind up getting seedlings from a local farmstand and I always have good luck with them.

So no chickens, but you do have bees!