Monday, March 15, 2010

And people wonder why I need therapy...

The Scene: Friday evening. Oberlin College. Mr. Bean, Daisy Mae and I are at a Beekeeping meeting. While waiting for the meeting to start, Mr. Bean is looking at a catalog of beekeeping supplies. There is a page of honey jars for sale. The jars in the picture are full of honey.

Daisy Mae: Is that apple cider?

Mr. Bean: Daisy, this is a beekeeping catalog. I don't think bees make apple cider.

Daisy Mae: OK, but is that apple cider?

Mr Bean, looking perplexed: That's apple cider. It's harvested by the Apple Cider Beetles.

Daisy Mae: The Beatles? Are they still alive?

Mr Bean: Huh?

5 minutes later, Daisy Mae looks over Mr. Bean's shoulder again, as he looks at a second page of honey jars.

Daisy Mae: Wow, that's dark. Is that ketchup?

Mr. Bean stops for a moment. His mouth opens and closes several times.

Mr. Bean: No, that's more apple cider. It's harvested by the apple cider beetles.

Daisy Mae: Aren't The Beatles dead?

Mr. Bean: Two of them are.

Daisy Mae: Why aren't they making music anymore?

Mr. Bean: Because they went into the apple cider business.


Daisy Mae: I think you're making this up.


Justine's HouseWreck said...

Is the moral of this that you get more honey with the Beatles than cider vinegar?

Anonymous said...

I are confoozed...

Lisse said...

Oh, that's great!

My husband can string one of the boys along for a while and it's always frustrating for me to listen to. Usually it's Pumpkin, the younger one, because he is so literal. Finally, P will stop and stare him down to see if his father will drop the poker face. If not, he finally says "you're joking," as if to convince himself.

Husband was looking into beekeeping at one point, long before we had kids. He took up the bagpipes instead.

Beanie said...


Ha! If you can't domesticate them, you might as well scare them away?