Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gonna miss you, Julie

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t made a lot of close “work friends” in the six years I’ve been here. I mean, I have a lot of people here who I enjoy talking to, and I've always said there are few I wouldn't willingly have dinner with. But I'm talking about the kind of friends I can go shopping with at lunch time or grab a drink with after work. The environment here keeps everyone slightly on edge, like you never know who might be working for the KGB, so you never disclose too much.

However, one of the few people here who I genuinely enjoy is Julie. She and I have worked together on a bunch of projects and we can spend as much time giggling as working sometimes. Our husbands get along well enough that the four of us make a point of sitting together when we have to attend those deadly-dull awards dinners. Our offices are nearly a 20-minute walk apart, so the unwritten rule is: If you’re “hosting”, you have to have a decent cup of coffee waiting when the “traveler” arrives. And none of that cheap crap from the machine down the hall. She drinks decaf cappuccino; I drink nonfat vanilla latte.

Today, she told me she’s leaving. I’m totally bummed, but I’m also totally psyched for her. It’s a great job working for great people and I know she’ll be happy.

I’ll miss her, though.

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Ellie Creek Ellis said...

Yeah...that's tough...glad for them, sad for's one of the hardest things to deal with. Nothing replaces the friendship, it just leaves a unique void.