Monday, November 03, 2008


You have a really important job to do tomorrow. Get out there and vote. Don't be dissuaded by long lines or crabby, overworked poll workers. This is the most important thing you can do to improve your life.

I don't even care who you vote for. (OK, I do care, but if you are smart enough to find your way here, you're probably smart enough to know what's best for the country). Just vote.

OK, truth? Here's what I'll say about who to vote for: Vote for the people who will lead us forward out of this current mess. Vote for the people who will enrich your local city councils, your school boards, and your local judiciary. Who will look after the best interests of your schools, your needy citizens, and your public safety infrastructure. Vote for people who are smarter than you, who are more educated than you, and who speak better than you do. Vote for people who can pronounce "nuclear".

(And if you live in Ohio, it's YES on 5, and NO on 6. Seriously. Don't screw this up for the rest of us.)

Good luck!


Mike Carter said...

I plan to get out about 10 - avoid the lines.

However I have to disagree with you Beanie - it is No on 5 and Yes on 6!

While I don't like the payday lenders, I have used them in the past (back during my first marriage), and the government should not be trying to protect us from ourselves. As for the interest - yes, annualize it is huge, but then no business could afford to make loans high risk loans for very short terms at 28% (How about you lend me $500 for a month for only $12 interest - and try to make a business of that!)

And the casinos - there are a lot of scare tactics going on with this one - I see more jobs in Ohio. If it is voted down then those who want to gamble will continue to take their money out of state.

Beanie said...

Puggs, you're not the one who needs protecting.

Unfortunately, though, payday lenders prey on those who are desperate. Folks lived just fine before these vampires showed up on the scene, and while some folks might struggle for a little while, in the long run, it'll break the cycle of one high-interest loan floating to the next.

And I don't have a problem with a casino in Ohio. I have a problem with them using a constitutional amendment to get it. that's just plain wrong.

Mike Carter said...

Well so far everything that I've supported is losing - go figure.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

i don't know about 5 or 6, but next time i'm NOT going to vote absentee ballot, because I WANT AN 'I VOTED' STICKER! lol

Mississippi Songbird said...

I voted... and now I'm ready for the world to change... and for the better
Bunches of hugs...

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

ahhh yes...when i read your post title, it brought back a rush of those emotions when we were anticipating...anticipating...not knowing it would be a LANDSLIDE!