Sunday, November 09, 2008


I am allergic to cats.

Nevertheless, I have three of them.

Two are long-time friends. Mudge is a 16-year old calico, a tiny cat who takes crap from exactly no one, be they human, feline or canine. Hoover is a 12-year old Russian Blue, who loved me with mindless least until my daughter started reaching a size and temperament that reminded him of me. Now he's just as likely to run to her.

Gigi is a stray who found his way to our house after husband and daughter discovered him under the car at K's swimming lessons last summer. 18 months old, 14 pounds...he's strong like bull, smart like tractor.

We also have three dogs. You met the goobers last May, when they arrived here after being abandoned by their prior owners. There's also Angus, A/K/A The Moron, a 7-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier who believes he's solely responsible for our continued safety.

In short, I live in a menagerie. I didn't plan this. It just happened.

So tonight, as we're cleaning up from dinner, Mr. Bean hears a plaintive meow from the back porch. We start counting noses; all our cats are de-clawed, so we don't let them out. He opens the door and in walks a grey male kitten, perhaps 6 months old. He immediately rubs on everything in the house; Mr. Bean, Me, K. He hasn't eaten in a few days, and puts down a week's ration of food in 10 minutes. He then jumps into K's lap, purrs his little kitty brains out and curls up.

He's wonderful. Seems to get along with the other cats. Not terribly afraid of the dogs. We live in a cul-de-sac; chances are that he was dumped here. He clearly has no clue whatsoever how to live on his own. And he's just adorable.

So I find myself wondering, at what point is my quality of life suffiently decreased by the critters I bring into my house to enhance my quality of life, that I should start cutting back? I can only sneeze so much.

And who the hell is going to clean that extra litter box?


Anonymous said...

Seems like that extra litter box is going to be worth it. *hug*

bhd said...

Ha! Our vet in NJ knew my own rescue habits, all too well. When asked what to do if I should come across a stray pony, he smiled and said, "Bring it in!"

But look at it this way: you're not a single lady with 4 cats. That would be bad. LOL

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

tough one, isn't it?

we buy a wheat-based cat litter that absorbs VERY well and doesn't smell OR make the cats smell like French Whores once they've dug around in it.

Take turns cleaning the cat box(es), that's what Scott and I do.

I think animals find us...for a are LUCKY they keep finding you...just invest in some benedryl! :o)

Justine's HouseWreck said...

So... what's his name?