Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oliver Stone's new movie, W, comes out tomorrow.

I haven't seen it, and I probably won't. Just don't have time.

However, I have to question the motivation and propriety of releasing a potentially disrespectful biopic about a sitting president, two weeks before an election.

I think it's a very poor commentary on American society. I have no love for our current president, but I think this is in unnecessarily poor taste.

I don't know: maybe I'm old-fashioned. I think you can criticize the actions of your politicians while they're in power, but I think delving into their personal histories in such a public way (and if Oliver Stone's history is any indication, it won't be a game of soft-ball), should wait until they've left office.

There. I've said my piece and counted three.


newwavegurly said...

I'm actually rather curious as to how many people are actually interested in seeing it at this point. In light of the current economic crisis, and the upcoming election, I would think that people aren't so quick to go to the theater to see it... even if it is an Oliver Stone film.

winter said...

I agree with you on this one. The timing is in poor taste, and it feels manipulative to me. Either he aims to influence the election, or he aims to take advantage of all the election publicity to sell tickets. Either way I don't like it.

And I'm no fan of Dubya. I think he's rzaft, which is an old Czech word meaning "self-consciously goofy even while sober".

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

We went to the movie last night, saw Nic and Nora's Infinite Playlist. It was great. I have no ambition to see the movie...I've lived through his administration...that's bad enough! lol