Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Everything old is new again

Sorry I'm so quiet lately.

There is so much going on right now, in all aspects of my life, that I'm really struggling to make sense of it and struggling even more to find time to write about it.

So until those two things work themselves out, I will share an anecdote that illustrates how much my life has come full-circle.

I am now actually gaining new knowledge from my second-grader's reading assignments.

Last night, I learned that the first recognized dinosaur fossil was discovered in 1822. This surprised me greatly. For some reason, I thought that particular scientific timeline went back a good deal farther. (Edit: for the record, Plott was digging up bones in the 1600s, but ascribed them to 12'-tall people. Or man-eating Pliocene Clams)

Tomorrow, we're going to learn about the building of the Statue of Liberty. I can't wait. :)


winter said...

Man-eating clams? Awesome!

winter said...

Oh, and my word verification is "kbharf". I think that's the Klingon word for regurgitation.

Beanie said...

I like to think the Klingons use Kbharf, because there is no clear Klingon equivalent for "Buick".

I will say that the fake Smithsonian letter was the very first email chain letter I ever got and it's my near-favorite, second only to the "Year 2000 Norwegian Population Explosion" letter.

The latter gave rise to my "#1 Favorite Thing to Say in a Funny Accent", which is "Laet's Al Hoomp Laek Boonies!"

In fact, I think I'm going to go say that now.

Mike Carter said...

The question is, do Klingons have bifurcated uvulas thoush?

Mississippi Songbird said...


I hope you have a good week, Beanie!
Bunches of hugs..