Monday, September 03, 2007

A riddle

Because I don't get a lot of time to blog, I have to strike while the iron is hot. So yeah, we have two posts in one day, after a three-week absence.

What do you get when you mix a good girlfriend in town for a wedding, 2 bottles of decent champagne, the realization, at 11 pm, that your grey hair has become too noticeable to ignore, and an all-night drug store?

Yep. It came out purple.

I had to color it two more times, with highlighting assistance from the almost-seven-year-old, to get it so I could go to the aforementioned wedding without pretending I was the clown hired to entertain the kids during the reception...


Anonymous said...

I know you looked fabulous!

bhd said...

Grrlfriend, I just colored my sister's hair this weekend. She'd always been a chocolate brunette (beautiful color!) but had gone dishwater and gray since turning 50. She's using the "temporary" colors - they last about a month and fade just a little. Nothing dramatic. I highly recommend. But I can't remember even seeing a single gray in your hair.

Beanie said...

Ali: It came out OK, if I do say so myself. I'll never get it to be this color again, of course. But I got some nice compliments and a "hubba-hubba" from an old friend at the wedding. ;)

BHD: So I should explain that it was partly the grey hairs (which really are more numerous than you apparently noticed) and the fact that, after finally letting all the residual color grow out of my hair (for the first time in probably 20 years), I realized it's gotten awfully mousey brown and was more ash than the chestnut I remember from my youth. So the idea was a "no-lift" rinse that would just give it a bit of red and some depth.

It has 'depth' now, all right. ;)

Mike Carter said...

One advantage of being a man - my grey just makes me look 'distinguished'. Or extinguished. I forget which.