Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog Neglect

If this blog were a houseplant, it'd be wilted by now.

I'm not cut out for this sort of commitment, I think.

Anyway it's been a whirlwind week or so, punctuated by my having developed a renewed disdain for commercial air travel. It says something that last week's trip was among my worst travel experiences ever, when you consider that over the years I have:

1) Been detained by the DEA on suspicion of drug trafficking, because I had samples of agarose in my carry-on
2) Had one of New York's Finest pull a service revolver on my taxi driver, as I cringed in the back seat, wondering if the phrase "Ballistic Nylon" meant my luggage would stop a bullet.
3) Had a fellow passenger die of a heart attack while circling Chicago.

But here are some additional highlights for you to ponder while I think about how to tell the rest of the story...

-- My daughter got her training wheels off Sunday and can ride her "big girl bike" without assistance now

-- I have had breakfast with 2 senators in a week.

-- I fully resisted the urge to punch the president in the nads last week, even though I had the opportunity to do so. Please give me full points for etiquette.

-- I'm now an expert on Nitrogen Generators.

More later, gentle readers. I'm late for another meeting.


bhd said...

No worries. It's always worth the wait.

ptooey said...

BHD's right, but specifically anytime a person gets to read references to big girl bikes and punching dubya in the groin within a few lines it's DEFINITELY worth the wait.

...you terrorist drug smuggler, you.

winter said...



I am SO looking forward to updates on all that! (And you definitely get bonus points for not nailing the Prez in the nads.)

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. What they all said. !!