Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, I turned down the teaching post today. I talked with Dave, who was extremely apologetic about the tone of Friday's meeting. After making apologies for the extremely candid comments I was about to make, I explained that I had felt a distinct lack of respect from Henry, that I was further appalled by the lack of respect that Henry demonstrated for his students, and that I didn't really see how we could make this work.

He apologized again and explained that Henry was now full-time; this was his only job. Henry is the type of guy that throws himself 100% into a project. Henry perceived that, because I have a full-time day job and I teach this on the side, that I wasn't committed enough to the program.

I reminded Dave that I was the highest-rated 1st-year instructor at the university last year and that I had no interest in putting forth effort to try to prove my level of commitment to Henry. My students are ample evidence of my commitment.

Really, though, It was clear to me that, short of quitting my job and becoming a full-time professor, I wasn't going to change this man's attitude toward me. Dave could tell him to behave and be nice, but really; it won't make a difference. Henry's attitude will be what it is, and he's under contract. I'm not.

So I apologized to Dave (who is the one who will have to pick up the slack), and I told him to call me if and when the environment changes there.

It's all rather an unsatisfying outcome. Dave feels terrible, but is committed and stuck. I am bummed to not be teaching this class. And I really hate having to walk away from a situation because of a personality issue. Makes me feel like I'm back in my 20s. But there you have it. I will have my Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons free this autumn.


Daisy Mae comes home from camp tomorrow. Given the volume of rain that has fallen this week, I suspect we will need to go get pedicures to get her feeling like a girl again. ;)

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Lisse said...

Good for you for standing your ground. Better that than be miserable.

Hopefully, some of the student feedback will inspire Dave to make some changes next time around.

When I was in grad school we had one of those PT profs with attitude; like he was just too good for all of us. I would occasionally call him on his BS. Lowest grade I got in the program, but after the scathing rewiews, he never taught in the program again.