Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm officially a Luddite

I logged onto the school system website today to check out what tomorrow's lunch would be, and I noticed they had the plans for the new middle school posted for us to review. Yippee! The old building (originally the high school and built in the early 50s) is a real hole and I was hoping that they would get this new building open before the Bug starts middle school.

When I studied it more carefully, though I was aghast to see a critical component missing. I called Mr. Bean.

"What's wrong with these people?? They've planned out a school with a huge media center but no library! How are these kids supposed to learn without ready access to a library??? What a stupid place to cut corners!"

Mr Bean answered me as carefully as he could.

" 'Media Center' is the library."

"Well, that's just screwed up! Why the heck don't they just call it the library??"

"Well, sweetie, the thing is that there's probably more information on non-print media in there now than there is in books. 'Library' kinda isn't an up-to-date term anymore."

"Well, I don't want to be 'up to date'! I want a 'Library' and I want there to be books in it!"

"I understand, Granny. Change is hard. After I make your tea and get you your meds, would you like me to call them and complain?"


"I hate you."


Lisse said...

There will be plenty of books, there will be magazines, and lots of computers.

What I do not know is if the kids will ever read the books.

For a short time when I was home with the kids I took a few courses toward becoming a school librarian. Of course that's not what the are called officially anymore. They are now called library media specialists, and in some cases, library teachers. Theoretically, they are supposed to partner with the teacher to impart research skills and critical thinking.


winter said...


Ah, the times they are e-changin'.

Ellie Creek Ellis said...

okay, I had to get on to see what "Luddite" meant. Now I understand the gist of your post.

And I had the same concerns with that when I started teaching...when I (we) were in school, it was the LIBRARY, and now...blah blah blah...

My dear friend is a Library Media Specialist and does just that...finds resources for teachers as well as books to read for pleasure. Her degree has taught her more than just to stamp the due date in the front cover! lol

Crabby McSlacker said...

Accck, no library!!!!

I'm also an old fogey and will never find a computer terminal a substitute for a book!

Patty said...

I'm hooked. Too funny!

I had to check out you blog after seeing the comment about your CSA/container gardening over on Cranky Fitness.

Stoopid media center! :-)

Ellie Creek Ellis said... are things going?