Monday, January 12, 2009

Delurking Day

Alison over at AliThinks says it's Delurking Day, that one day each year when all of you who showed up here because you were Googling "Bifurcated Uvula" (and stop in to read occasionally), actually tell me that you're out there. So I hope all three of you have your comments handy. The rest of y'all can make a smart remark if you wish.

In other news, we had about a foot of snow here this weekend. It was our first "real" snowstorm of the season and it looks like this batch will be hanging around for awhile. It was a Good Thing, mostly because it finally got my daughter and her Nintendo-Playing Compadres to remove their collective bums from my couch and play outside for about 5 hours each day. They were exhausted and very happy at the end of both days, ate hearty dinners and passed out cold at 7:30. I, for one, was immensely pleased to see it.

I have to head down to Florida for a couple days, which is a bummer because, 1) my family can't come along, and 2) every second of my time there is so over-scheduled that I won't even be able to see friends while I'm there. Oh, and I'll get back just in time for it to drop below zero here.


Hope you all have good weeks.


newwavegurly said...

Seriously? You're going to be down here and I'm not going to get to see you? That STINKS.


Beanie said...

NWG: Totally blows chunks, I agree. They have be scheduled -- I am not exaggerating -- from 7 am to 10 pm for three days straight. There's a SLIM possibility that I'll get a couple hours free in St. Pete's on Friday; if it looks like that might happen I'll give you a jingle (I think I still have your digits; I'll PM you otherwise), but it looks extremely bad.

Anonymous said...

Well, safe travels. And HI!

Mermaid Melanie said...

I would like to see snow once a year... and then go back home to the beach!

safe travels.

winter said...

Enjoy your trip as best you can.

Justine's HouseWreck said...

Did someone say "deshnurking day?" I'm so THERE!

Mike Carter said...

Still here, still reading, though late.

Bifurcated Uvula - love it!

Mkae said...