Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cripes! I'm Blogging! What has my world come to?

So you might wonder what the title means. About two years ago, I was having an email exchange with a friend I met on my favorite music site. I told him I really admired his sense of calm -- I didn't understand how he could go through his life without being constantly flustered. "I feel like all frayed edges and shades of red." Then I swore that (God forbid) should I ever get a blog, I'd name it that.

Turns out he's an even bigger spazz than I am, so I'm feeling rather gypped in this whole process. Nevertheless, I don't back out on friendships or sworn promises, so I'm stuck with this.

So here it is. Can't say if I'll be as constant and reliable as many of my fellow blogging friends are, but I'll stop in from time to time and jot down things that I think might be worth saying.

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